What ages is Soarin' Indoors appropriate for?

Submitted by admin // May 21st 2012

The activities at Soarin' Indoors are appropriate and fun for both children and adults. Our entire course is designed around anyone able to reach with their arms up to a height of 5 feet standing flat on the floor as this is the height of all of our safety lines. We usually find that the minimum age to be able to do the course by yourself is usually around 6 or 7 years of age. If you are tall enough, you are clear to complete both our lower and, if you wish, our upper course, though no one is ever under any obligation to do so if they aren't comfortable tackling our higher, harder challenges! Many of younger guests find the lower course to be the perfect challenge to conquer either by themselves or accompanied by their adults. The upper course is raised higher and offers harder challenges that typically guests aged 10 and up will feel comfortable tackling, though we have had guests as young as 6 complete the upper course as well!

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