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How we got from there to here... Part 1

So, the response to the news has been tremendous. And since I know that everyone is asking - I'll say a few words about what happened, where things are, and how we got from there to here.

As folks may or may not recall, we had a P&Z permit approval to build an outdoor course approved last year elsewhere in Connecticut. The entire time I was going through that process, a niggling detail kept perching on my shoulder and whispering to the back of my head... while I knew that aerial adventure courses are a great activity and a good business, I also kept coming back to the problem that I knew that what I was doing wasn't revolutionary. The business, while new in our area, was a model that has been well worn both elsewhere in the US and more significantly in Europe.

Further - how scalable a business was I creating? In the event that the first location did well - could I duplicate it elsewhere? If I wanted to bring it to urban areas or other areas of the country - would I be able to find suitable land both of terms of topography, forestation, and zoning? (Side note - have you even seen what 10 acres of forest land zoned commercial costs out on the open real estate market?)

The other issue is that the landscape of the aerial adventure business is changing. Corporate interest, partnerships and money is beginning to pour into these endeavors, and what has worked in the past (a person setting up a seasonal business in a quiet corner of the state) may not be a viable long-term business plan as we move into the future.

As I believe most people know, my first venture ran into legal issues with a few town residents attempting to overturn the P&Z board decision - a rather common occurrence with property development these days. Though common, it is also an occurrence that can eat up significant time. With extra time to burn and unanswered questions strung around my neck, I started to look into Plan "B". Was there a way to create a business that was scalable, transferable, and more accessible than the traditional outdoor model I was pursuing?

I think I've found it. More coming soon!

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