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Your Red Safety Line

Have you seen the course element videos yet? When we make these, I insist that one element stand out prominently - did you notice the red safety lines during the flythrough?

One the questions I get asked frequently is, "Don't people fall off?"

The answer is, "Yes... yes, they do! But then they just get right back on and try again!"

Every person on any element at any height is attached to the red safety line at all times. These safety lines have a very important function – they are the main system designed to keep our guests safe throughout their visit to the course. Because of their special nature, they are built differently than other event wires in the park. First off, their bright red color makes them stand out and stops guests from being confused as to which lines to clip into. The safety lines themselves are always independent from any other course elements. The connections are doubly redundant (more on this another time) and have a fail over in the case of connection failure. They are always placed above your head but within easy reach of the visitors (the "ease of reach" is why we have height restrictions on our courses!). In fact, events that are eligible to be visited by adults and children actually have 2 safety lines - one at a child's level and one for the adults that are sharing the course with them.

The red safety lines are connected to the harness that each guests wears while they are on the course. More about the safety line/harness connection next time... ¬¬

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