Frequently Asked Questions

An aerial adventure park is a new kind of recreational experience for everybody. While they are traditionally a seasonal attraction placed outside, our adventure center is a community experience that will be open year round and available for corporate events and private parties. Our course is made up of multiple events strung at varying heights strung throughout our 14,000 square foot warehouse. Each event consists of a obstacle for you to overcome on your own, such as a zipline, a wobbly rope bridge, a trapeze or similar physical challenge. The events progress in order of difficulty, pushing you harder both physically and mentally as you make you way through the course. Come on your own, or push your limits with your teammates, or spouse, or date, or family... or whomever you visit the park with.

The total effect is a memory-making adventure for every guest. Come make yours today!

The activities at Soarin' Indoors are appropriate and fun for both children and adults. Our entire course is designed around anyone able to reach with their arms up to a height of 5 feet standing flat on the floor as this is the height of all of our safety lines. We usually find that the minimum age to be able to do the course by yourself is usually around 6 or 7 years of age. If you are tall enough, you are clear to complete both our lower and, if you wish, our upper course, though no one is ever under any obligation to do so if they aren't comfortable tackling our higher, harder challenges! Many of younger guests find the lower course to be the perfect challenge to conquer either by themselves or accompanied by their adults. The upper course is raised higher and offers harder challenges that typically guests aged 10 and up will feel comfortable tackling, though we have had guests as young as 6 complete the upper course as well!

Nothing much! Every event (bridges, trapezes, swings, high wires, etc.) has a safety line running through it, 5 feet above where you are walking. Before you start any event, you will secure two of our auto-locking carabiners attached by ropes to your seat harness to this safety line. In the event you fall (this happens fairly frequently - some of these event are very wobbly!), the safety line will catch your carabiners and stop you from falling more than a few inches. From here, take a break, figure out what went wrong, and climb back on the event to try again!

Short answer - Absolutely not!

Longer answer - Absolutely not! In fact, one of our design goals in laying out Soarin' Indoors was to create a course that was accessible to the first-time climber. We will train every visitor to use our equipment at ground level before you tackle any at-height events. And while the course is about self - discovery and finding out the best way for YOU to complete each event, we will constantly monitor your progress and assist you if you need it throughout your trip through our courses. Of course, if you do happen to have climbing experience then still come - there is always a great experience waiting year-round for everyone at Soarin' Indoors!

No, we provide (and train you!) with everything you need! Just come with appropriate clothing (loose fitting, no skirts) and footwear (it should buckle or tie onto your feet - no flip-flops or Crocs, please!). The one piece of equipment you can bring are your own gloves - we will provide one-size-fits-all for children and adults to wear, but if you'd like to wear something more your size, by all means you are allowed to do so.

Come and climb - we have the perfect course for you! Our lower course is only 2.5 feet off the ground, giving you the perfect training ground to practice using the climbing equipment and getting used to being secured into our safety lines at height. You never know - before you know it, you could be feeling up to the challenge of our higher course!

We'll do our best to encourage you to reach the end, but If you reach a point where you just can't go on, or where the next event looks like it is asking more from you than you have to give - no worries! Our guides will lower you off the course and bring you back to the ground. You'll get it next time!

One of goals in creating Soarin' Indoors was to deliver a traditionally pricey and seasonal activity to central Connecticut year long and at a more affordable price. To that end, we offer admission for adults at $18.95, and children under 12 at $13.95. Unlike other parks, admission at Soarin' Indoors are always good for as long as you want - there is never a pre-set time limit!

Discounts of 15% are available to groups larger than 10. Gifts cards and multi-pass cards are also available.

Absolutely, yes - our facility is a great place for your next party, corporate training session or other special event! We have 2 meeting rooms right in the center of our course for your private use. Included with all party or meeting packages are guaranteed harnesses for all your guests! Click here for more details.

YES - Soarin' Indoors is now OPEN! You're invited - come and check out Manchester's hottest new attraction!

We only take reservations in conjunction with our large party packages. Outside of these packages, all walk in guests are served on a first come, first serve basis. If you're concerned about availability of harnesses for your walk-in group, the best course of action is to call before hand and ask about our current availability.

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